March 21st is Anal Cancer Awareness Day. HPV can cause anal cancer. Find out who is most at risk of getting anal cancer, and the hopeful prospects for screening and timely treatment. #AnalCancerAwarenessDay #analcancer #HPV #HPVscreening #AskAboutHPV

This #MotivationMonday, CANSA encourages young women to get vaccinated against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

Not only does HPV cause genital warts, but high-risk HPV is estimated to cause 70% of cervical cancers, 50% of vaginal and vulvar cancers as well as 20% of head and neck ...cancers.

About 7 in every 10 people will have HPV infection at some point in their lifetime. It is difficult to avoid as many people who contract it are not aware that they have it as they do not show any symptoms or health problems. Many of the strains are not as harmful as strains 16 and 18 which are detected in most cervical cancers. The virus lives on your skin and can be transmitted through skin-to-skin or sexual contact.

Vaccination is the most effective way to lower your, or your child’s, risk of developing an HPV-related cancer. It is especially effective when given prior to initiation of sexual activity.

According to the International Papillomavirus Society (IPVS), the World Health Organization (WHO) and virtually all countries in the world now recommend HPV vaccination. Over 200 million doses of the HPV vaccine have been given and no significant side effects have been identified, other than the temporary reaction at the injection site.

CANSA hopes that parents and guardians will consent to this as it is key to protecting our youth against potentially life-threatening disease. We encourage our teens who are planning their future to ensure HPV vaccination becomes part of their plan.


Yesterday in @Montecitorio, we signed the Memorandum of Understanding between the signatories of the Manifesto Against HPV-related cancers and the representatives of the 🇮🇹 Parliament. Only together institutions and civil society can defeat HPV-related cancers.


Oggi presso @Montecitorio abbiamo siglato il Memorandum di Intesa tra i firmatari del Manifesto Contro i Tumori del Virus dell’HPV e la Camera dei Deputati. Il nostro impegno per eliminare i tumori HPV-correlati anche in Italia continua. #fondazioneveronesi #stophpv #onelessworry

Intensified screening & vaccination against the human papilloma virus (HPV) will lessen the burden of #cervicalcancer & other cancers says, @WHO_Zimbabwe Representative a.i @dangou_jean during his recent remarks on #HPVAwarenessDay

Sending a huge thank-you to our partners, supporters and stakeholders who got the world talking about #HPV on #hpvawarenessday . Enormous thanks to those who work throughout the year to eliminate HPV-related cancer. Together we CAN deliver #onelessworry for the world.

Thanks @JPalefsky for your commitment to building awareness of #HPV and for your leadership of the @IPVSociety #onelessworry campaign.

March 4th is International HPV Awareness Day. The #HPV vaccine offers protection from developing six forms of HPV-related #cancer. Talk to your healthcare provider and get vaccinated. Find out more #cancerprevention #vaccine #HPVAwarenessDay #OneLessWorry

El 4 de marzo es el Día Internacional de Concientización sobre el VPH. HAZTE TAMIZAJE
VENCE AL CÁNCER CERVICAL. Pide cita hoy en tu centro de salud para hacerte un tamizaje de cuello uterino. #VPH #cáncer #LatinAmerica #Salud #saluddelamujer #HPVAwarenessDay #OneLessWorry

A useful new resource for healthcare providers. Thanks @IARCWHO

IARC launches new #HPV Atlas to mark HPV Awareness Day.
This atlas will greatly help cancer screening programmes worldwide🗺️.
In a new video, watch Dr Partha Basu introduces the Atlas & some of the areas it covers.

El 4 de marzo es el Día de la Concientización sobre el VPH. PROTEGE A TODOS DE LOS CÁNCERES CAUSADOS POR EL VPH. Infórmate hoy en tu centro de salud sobre la vacuna del VPH #VPH #cáncer #VacunaVPH #cáncerdecuellouterino #Salud #Vacunas #LatinAmerica

Her Excellency Dr. Zainab Shinkafi-Bagudu sharing her wish for #HPV vaccination of girls and boys in #Nigeria. #HPVAwarenessDay

#HPVAwarenessDay #OneLessWorry #cervicalcancer #oralcancer #analcancer #vaccineswork #hpvvaccine #Nigeria @NphcdaNG @gavi @UNICEF_Nigeria


Happy International HPV Awareness Day!
By getting your HPV Vaccine and regular cervical screening, we can all have #OneLessWorry
#ihad #HPVAwareness #AskAboutHPV #preventhpvnow


O HPV AFETA TODO MUNDO. A VACINA NOS PROTEGE CONTRA OS #CÂNCERES CAUSADOS PELO HPV. Converse com o seu profissional de #saúde sobre a vacina do #HPV hoje. #HPVAwarenessDay #Brasil

March 4th is HPV Awareness Day. Did you know that there is a safe vaccine against HPV that will protect against 6 types of HPV-cancer? Talk to your healthcare provider. #Brazil #Portugal #HPV
#saúdedamulher #Câncer #vacina #OneLessWorry

Thanks for raising awareness and sharing your experience of HPV related cancer. It’s particularly important for men to understand their risks and their role in relation to #HPV. It’s not just a ‘women’s issue’ it affects us all. Take care.

Le 4 mars est la journée de sensibilisation au VPH. Faites-vous dépister pour vaincre le cancer du col de l'utérus. Prenez rendez-vous dès aujourd’hui avec votre professionnel.le de santé pour frottis de dépistage. #VPH #cancer #HPVAwarenessDay #OneLessWorry #santédesfemmes